quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2008

Blue Lady

This is pretty old, I did it in high school, behind some chemistry paper...
I gave it a little twist, I'm just learning to use photoshop for these things, so give me some credit. This week was frentic, I sewed all the cat art thing for class, and found out I was the only one that had something done by now...at least now, I don't have to worry so much about this anymore, I can foccuss on the other crap.
On the 4th I give my last presentation on a class, so that ends 'bout now. Thank God I'm on my way to my, so very nice vacation. Well, I've been so weird latelly, I don't even know what to write.

segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2008

Magic Markers

This is a design for a self assignment... The story is...

She is supposed to be a girl who moved to Africa due to her parents being wildlife photographers. They accidentally witness the local police engaging in the slaughter of a friendly tribe, which later would result in their death. Hiding away, she is able to run and escape a tragic death of her own at the age of 8. Now, she is faced with the struggle that is survive in the wild and, at the same time, hide out from the people who killed her parents...

But she is not alone! She found shelter and confort with an abandoned Zebra and an old Lioness as friends...And a family friend, a member of the tribe where she stayed, who watched her grow and taught her everything she knows about the Savannah...things she will soon discover to be what saves her everyday.

The drawing was done in markers and pencils...

terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

Sexy Legging

With a little photoshop and pencils, this is the improoved old drawing I did for a class last year.
I am starting to worry about my November. The absolute worse month of the year. That is because in my university, all the assignments due to the exact same day or week, and there are about seven classes which require some sort of hand-made crap. So, put together a whole lot of crappy jobs and you get a big pile of crap in the end. But why crap? Caroline, are you such and idiot that you can't dedicate to your work? Bull crap.
Uhun I do, but come on...
*I have to sew 5 types of cats in fabrics and put together a Cat Art (toy art) line of products
*Think of a presentation for the big issue about Traditional x Digital illustration and think of a problem for it and a way to solve it
*Group up a portfolio for a computer graphics class - God knows how
*Interview a bunch of people asking how the hell do they open cans - yes, cans, metal ones - and analyze the ergonomy of the damn thing, by the way, cans are dangerous...
* Seek how diapers are made, and how other way it could be made, so it's ecologically friendly or cost free for the producer
*Design three types of furniture for boys
*And learn about God and his etics and how we all should live in harmony...because it's a catholic university and I am obliged to do it.

* AND in the end suck all the rest of creativity I have and draw stuff for my art teacher...
Sooooo, how the hell is all this going to end up looking like something fell out of a catalog?
Seriously, how?

quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008


To quote a weird and not-so-interesting film - Running with Scissors - "I need to break through my creative unconscious" because I am "constipated in my life".
Having said that, I guess I don't have to add anything to it.

quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2008

Bear climbing

So, I got sick this week, and as things couldn't be any worse, all my assignments were due to the exact same week. I had to make a presentation with a sore throat and a very obstructed nose - you can imagine the sound of my voice during the presentation...
I had a job interview on friday (maybe it's what made me sick after all) downtown, and it was raining as hell. The good thing is, I got the chance to take pictures of other stuff I was putting off.
This is one of them...
I really like this one, It's really fun and cute, just like black bear cubs, when they don't eat you :)
It's coloured pencils basically and I just took the "bad photographer" look in photoshop and added the fading of the sky...pretty simple.

I wish to invest in Concept Design now, to gather a nice portfolio for this company Seagullsfly, that has a very cool Concept crew...
More is to come.